The Boost Pro DAS INDUSTRIAL Smart Signal Booster, the first carrier-class indoor/outdoor cellular coverage solution to feature industry leading 100 dB system gain and Nextivity’s unconditionally network safe guarantee.

Boost Pro DAS INDUSTRIAL leverages the award-winning Intelliboost signal processing to deliver the industry’s largest coverage footprint with the best voice and data wireless performance.

Boost Pro DAS INDUSTRIAL is NEMA 4 rated weather resistant and does not interfere with other wireless devices. This multi-carrier solution is ideal for use in commercial properties, government buildings, agricultural settings, small manufacturing operations, rural areas, businesses, and large homes.


Band 2/4/5/12/13
Band 1/3/5/7/8/20
(All systems are reconfigured to specific carriers)

Indoor/Outdoor NEMA 4 Rated:
Protected against water sprayed from any direction. Limited ingress permitted. Limited protection against dust ingress (no harmful deposit).

Physical Specifications:
272.5mm x 96.5mm x 43.25mm (850g)

Model Numbers:

DAS Industrial Signal Booster

Key Features:

3G / 4G / LTE Voice and Data
Up to 15,000 ft2 (1,500 m2) of Coverage
Multi-Carrier Support with Carrier Switching
Indoor / Outdoor NEMA 4 Rated
Network Safe

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Boost Pro is a mobile signal boosting technology which is made up of two units. Firstly, a Network Unit which is installed in the area with the strongest possible signal from the mobile network operator, on the building’s exterior.  Next, a Coverage Unit, communicating wirelessly with the Network unit, is placed at the centre of the building. This greatly enhances the signal within the building’s interior, which enables much improved LTE voice and data coverage.

We work with all major networks – EE, Vodafone, O2, Three and all major UK MVNO’s included. Please note that a signal booster is required for each individual network, however can be reconfigured to alternate between networks at any given time.

Yes, Boost Pro fully supports LTE voice and data coverage. Technologies supported are 3G(UMTS/WCDMA), 4G (HSPA/HSPA+) and LTE.

No, Boost Pro does not require this.

It depends on the building itself, the structure and how clean the “line of sight” is. A survey is required prior to installation, which will determine the optimal solution.

Boost Pro technology is fully legal, adhering to Ofcom’s requirements. Not all mobile signal boosting technnology is legal, so please choose your service provider carefully. For more information, please see here.

The system will be purely enhancing the mobile signal that is already within your building, so there will be no new or additional frequencies used. As such, the system won’t interfere with any existing wireless infrastucture within the building.

Yes, we provide a full, optional aftercare solution. Get in touch for further information.

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