About Boost Pro

How can Boost Pro help you?

Does your building suffer from the following?

✘ Poor mobile reception…
✘ Dropped calls…
✘ Slow mobile data speeds…
✘ Complete black spots…

It all leads to:

✘ Frustrated customers and staff….
✘ A potential drop in revenue…
✘ Serious operational deficiencies… 

The general reaction – there’s nothing we can do about it, we’ll just have to suffer and put up with it.

But in fact this is a common misconception, because THERE IS a solution to poor mobile phone signals and connectivity.

The Boost Pro Solution

Through our state-of-the-art repeater system that covers all four major networks, EE, O2, Vodafone and Three, we successfully solve the problem of dropped calls, poor voice quality and low data throughput caused by a weak cellular signal.

Our system works via a high gain external antenna that connects to the strong mobile phone signal outside, which is then fed into the internal repeater known as a Network Unit.

This is then connected to Coverage Units distributed throughout the building which amplify the signal from outside. The coverage units all talk to each other creating a super cell within the building, no matter how large or small.

Boost Pro will provide superior network coverage in:

Shopping Centres Offices, Hotels, Entertainment Venues, Exhibition and Conference Centres, Public Transport, Travel Hubs, Hospitals Schools, Colleges and Universities, Factories, Warehouses, Construction Sites, Banks, Gyms, Boats…

There are no limits to where Boost Pro can reach.

But we don’t just leave you to it. Once installed, we provide bespoke ongoing managed services and digital performance monitoring and apply automatic updates to support continual network changes in your area.

There is a cost-effective solution to poor mobile phone connectivity – the smart cellular system from Boost Pro.

Industry Leaders

Boost Pro has provided telecommunication solutions to thousands of sites across the UK since 2014.

Working in sectors ranging from healthcare, to construction, to agriculture, at Boost Pro we truly are at the cutting edge of the telecommunication industry.

Our experienced team at Boost Pro pride themselves in always pushing the limits of our technology, and providing innovative solutions to our clients.

Bespoke Solutions

When designing and delivering the best possible solution, at Boost Pro we understand that not only is every client different, every building is different. Our solution is both fully bespoke and scalable allowing flexibility in the deployment of our technology, resulting in us always providing the most cost effective solution. Our experienced team will manage each project from the initial survey and consultation period, through to the deployment of the Boost Pro system.

Managed Service

Once the system is installed we don’t just leave you to it. We provide a bespoke ongoing managed service which includes digital performance monitoring and applying automatic updates to the deployed Boost Pro system to support continual network changes in your area. In addition our experienced engineers will physically test the system annually to ensure it is performing to its maximum capacity.

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