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Case Study: GSK

Mobile Connectivity Improvement Project

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Irvine

GSK is engaged in the research and development (R&D) of innovative products in the areas of vaccines, medicines and consumer healthcare products. It has offices in more than 115 countries and produces biopharmaceutical and prescription products.

built in
employees in scotland
Ingredients produced annually
2000 t
cost of building
1 m


Construction to expand GSK’s antibiotics facility began in 2013, with the aim to increase the antibiotics production capacity to serve 100 million more patients a year. The expanded facility opened its doors in Irvine in February 2016. The Irvine site accommodates a major proportion of GSK’s secondary global production operations. It produces a wide range of chemicals and antibiotics such as penicillin G and clavulanate acid, serving specific clinical trials and commercial production. The expansion increased the production capacity for antibiotics to meet growing demand in emerging markets.

The Challenge

GSK approached Boost Pro Systems in October 2020 to enquire about improving the mobile signal throughout the FBU Building at their Irvine plant in North Ayrshire.

The design of the building meant that there was no mobile signal throughout all three floors of the facility where new handheld telemetry devices, which need a 4G signal to operate, were required for continued production operations.

Due to these operational demands, a solution was required prior to Christmas 2020.

“GSK benefits through investment support, the Scottish economy benefits through the jobs and services created by a large business, and the people of Scotland and beyond benefit from the availability of world-class medicines made right here in Scotland.”

Les Thomson, Site Director at GSK

The Solution

A detailed survey was carried out which outlined the poor signal strengths in all areas where 4G connectivity would be required. The survey also revealed that, despite a strong 4G signal outside of the FBU Building, the modern and sustainable building materials used during construction prevented mobile signal from penetrating all parts of the building. It also confirmed that there was sufficient external signal that a working solution could be deployed.

A consultation period with GSK and Kaefer then followed, with Boost Pro designing and installing a system of 3 Network Units and 12 Coverage Units throughout the ground, first and second floors.

The Results

Within six weeks of the enquiry the FBU Building went from having zero mobile signal coverage to full 4G signal on Vodafone

Employees can now use specialised telemetry devices for vital M2M production operations.

The company is now on track to deliver production demands for the required Christmas 2020 deadline

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