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Royal Studley House

Mobile Connectivity Improvement Project

Royal Studley House, Yorkshire

Royal Studley House is a private property within the north west corner of Studley Royal Water Gardens in North Yorkshire.

Studley Royal Park, including the ruins of Fountains Abbey, is a designated World Heritage Site in North Yorkshire. The site, which has an area of 323 hectares features an 18th-century landscaped garden, some of the largest Cistercian ruins in Europe, a Jacobean mansion and a Victorian church designed by William Burges. It was developed around the ruins of the Cistercian Fountains Abbey.

Image: Gordon Hatton. Some rights reserved.
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Acquired by national trust

The Challenge

Due to the poor signal in the general areas, as well as the design and structure of the house, the owners have suffered with poor connectivity for years. This can be attributed to the distance of the closest mobile towers, and the building materials used during construction – this is common in many historical buildings, with thick brick walls blocking the signal from entering the building. 

The Solution

For this particular project we were able to mount an external high-gain antenna to the roof of the building. This ensured that cable runs were kept to a minimum in order not to affect the aesthetics of the property, whilst still managing to ensure the signal gain was maximised. 

We placed six coverage units in the ceiling space, which was enough to cover the 11,000ft2 area with full Vodafone coverage, providing occupants with voice and data connectivity.

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