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Mobile Connectivity Improvement Project

Keltbray - Crewe

Founded in 1976, Keltbray provide a vast range of services related to engineering and construction including; civil engineering, pre-construction services, rail electrification plant & engineering, asbestos management, concrete structures, decommissioning and demolition works. 

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"After years of looking at various options for installing a network specific antenna to improve the quality of service within the building, we finally found a solution which works sufficiently and can move with us as and when we change network provider. I have had positive feedback from employees, and I am happy to say that the booster solution has made a significant difference. I appreciate the quick turnaround to get the booster installed."

Group IT Manager, Keltbray

The Challenge

Keltbray’s Crewe office is in an area with very poor mobile signal strength and the coverage inside their offices was next to zero, resulting in frustration amongst staff and directors being unable to make or receive calls or text messages. Keltbray’s Group IT Manager tasked us to improve the Vodafone signal throughout the office space, especially the Directors’ offices, which suffered form the worst signal in the building.

The Solution

For this particular project we were able to mount an external high-gain antenna to the roof of the building to ensure cable runs were kept to a minimum, whilst still managing to ensure the signal gain was maximised. We placed six coverage units in the ceiling space which was enough to cover the 11,000ft2 area with full Vodafone coverage.

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