Case Study

Mowi Scotland (Formerly Marine Harvest)

Mobile Connectivity Improvement Project

Mowi Scotland

The Mowi Group is the world’s leading seafood company and the largest producer of farmed salmon in the world.

We didn’t know there was a solution to our poor mobile signal until we met Boost Pro

Systems. Since installation the productivity of our workforce has improved exponentially.

– Bergthor Lund
Project Manager, Mowi Fish Feed


Mowi Fish Feed is one of the newest divisions within Mowi. Having started manufacturing in June 2014, the business has quickly established itself as a competitive global supplier of salmon feed playing a key role in supporting Mowi farming operations in its delivery of high quality, nutritious, safe and profitable salmon. 

In June 2019, their new state-of-the-art processing facility on the Isle of Skye was brought into operation to cope with increasing volumes of salmon.

Size (Sq Ft)
Salmon per year
150000 t
Cost of Facility
£ 125 m
Built In

Boost Pro Systems solve the problem of dropped calls, poor voice quality and low data throughput caused by a weak cellular signal.

Our solutions optimise cellular coverage while improving voice quality and data speeds. Boost Pro products are ideal for enterprise environments, small businesses, 
remote settings, shopping centres, large offices, hotels etc. Our equipment is unconditionally network safe as it prevents interference with mobile operator networks.

Boost Pro products are the only cellular coverage solutions authorised for use in nearly 100 countries by almost 200 mobile operators, and the technology covers spaces 
no one has covered before.

Now legal to use on all UK mobile networks due to recent changes under the Wireless Telegraphy (Mobile Repeater) (Exemption) Regulations 2018.

The Challenge

Due to the complexity in the design of the building and the materials used, the entire facility suffers from absolutely no mobile phone signal coverage across any network.

The company’s corporate mobile phone contract is with EE yet their devices could not be used within the facility causing serious operational challenges as well as having a potential impact on health and safety.

Boost Pro Systems were contracted by Mowi to design and install a system that would repeat the outdoor EE voice and data coverage throughout the facility.

“There are generally two reasons buildings won’t have a strong signal – location and materials used in construction. Mowi had both! We were delighted to provide a solution.”

– Andrew Wright

Business Development Director, Boost Pro Systems

The Solution

An extensive survey was undertaken to determine the best location for the Mimo Antennas. These were then installed externally and linked to 4 daisy chained network units and 16 coverage units strategically located across multiple floors.

The Results

– All six floors of the facility now receive a bubble of high quality EE voice and LTE data coverage within the main operational areas.

– The control room, the busiest and most important part of the facility now receives full coverage allowing the management team to have full connectivity.

– The business now benefits from the operational advantages of being able to use mobile devices on the move within the facility.

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Boost Pro Systems

Formed in 2014, Boost Pro Systems is the industry leader in solving the problem of dropped calls, poor voice quality and low data throughput caused by weak cellular signal.

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