The benefits of using mobile repeaters in retail

Mobile Phone Signal Boosters for Shopping Centres and retail, Scotland UK

Mobile phones have become an extremely important part of our daily lives. Whether we are at home or out and about, we will use them to catch up with friends and family, to communicate with colleagues, and, increasingly, to shop. We use them to find information,  navigate via maps, and even to pay for our purchases too, as opposed to using our bank cards. With smartphones becoming such an integral part of our shopping experience, retail environments have some serious considerations for ensuring that a strong mobile data signal is catered for.

However, due to the design and build of many retail facilities, as well as the location, poor mobile signal is a very common issue.  What can facilities managers do to deal with any signal issues? One of the best ways to solve this is with a mobile repeater.

What is a mobile repeater?

In its most basic definition, a mobile repeater is a piece of equipment that can be used to amplify the signal of a mobile phone. It will increase the strength of the signal between a mobile phone and the base station of the network operator. This can solve the problem of blackspots, patchy signal, dropped calls and poor data throughput, ensuring a much better experience for both customers and staff.

Why use a mobile repeater in a retail environment?

There are a variety of reasons to have mobile repeaters installed within retail buildings:

Dwell time

Strong mobile signal will help to extend the amount of time that customers are likely to spend in stores. If they have poor signal, then they will want to move on so that they can make calls and ensure that they are contactable.

Product research

Having a good signal means that they can research the products before they make a purchase. This will encourage more sales thanks to increased consumer confidence. It also helps the consumers see the store’s extended inventory if items are not in stock.

Social media

In a world dominated by social media, many consumers love to share where they are, what they are doing, and perhaps most importantly for retail, what they are purchasing – social media is the new word of mouth. A strong mobile signal will therefore enable better marketing for stores, through user generated content.


As mentioned, for security many customers prefer to make purchases using the payment apps on their smartphones, which will not be possible with poor data throughput.

The flip side of this is that shop owners need to be able to accept card / contactless payments – many independent stores rely on mobile apps connected to their POS to do this. If there is no Wi-Fi, or if it goes down, then mobile repeaters can help business continuity and ensure that payments can still be accepted.

Having a good signal also means that customers will be able to access their coupons or discount codes that they may have for your business. Again, this is a good way to boost the value of each transaction and improve customer loyalty.  

Operations and health and safety

Finally, having a signal booster is also vital for your staff and for your operations too. You may find that some of systems and devices (e.g. tablets), in particular those that relate to security, rely on cellular coverage or data coverage. Having a strong signal is going to ensure that these devices can be used efficiently and effectively and better protect your stores and the people within.

This is also very important for customers and staff members, who may have to make urgent calls.

What next?

If you want to make sure that you make the shopping experience the best it can be for your customers, tenants and staff, then a mobile repeater is a must have investment for your business.

To find out more, browse our mobile repeater solutions, or get in touch with our team today to discuss a solution for you.

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